The Basic Tropical Community Aquarium

One type of aquarium is a tropical community tank. Species of fish include tetras, rainbowfish, etc. This type of aquarium is relatively easy to take care of. You should change the water every week but if you don’t have high fish load you can do it once a month. A good thing to remember is to put 1 inch per gallon of fish. Some people put plastic plants in their but I like putting live plants in my tank. See my other articles about how to care for planted tanks. Fish are relatively small ranging from 1 to 4 inches long.   Popular fish for the tropical community tank are:

Neon Tetra
Dwarf Gourami
Red Platy








Other species include:
barbs(NOT tiger barbs)
algae eaters
plecos(require 30 gallon plus tank since they become big)
cory catfish

some cichlids include:
ram cichlids
cockatoo cichlid
keyhole cichlid
geo cichlid
rainbow cichlid