Discus Fish, What You Should Know

Discus are probably one of the most beautiful freshwater fish species in the world. They can grow up to 6 inches, and include lots of patterns on them. A 40 gallon or more tank is best for these species. Many people want them, but before buying, good research is needed. I might not include all the information about Discus here, but I will provide some. These fish require soft water which means a ph of 7 (learn more about ph here).  These fish are also pretty tough to keep so experience in aquariums is required. Keeping them in a community is best but you can sometimes put some in a tropical community tank. Discus are a popular species to breed as it’s not very difficult to do and enjoyable to see the juveniles grow. Local fish stores sell these fish for a expensive price around 50 to 200 dollars. But you can buy discus cheaper on aquabid.com or on other websites.

Variety of Discus species Blue Turq Discus Discus Community Tank